Altis® Single Incision Sling System

Altis Feature and Benefits

Altis Sling

There are four components that make up the Altis Single Incision Sling System.


The introducers are curved in shape and come as a set for the inside-out approach. They are designed for holding the anchor on the tip until insertion into the obturator membrane complex. Introducers are designed with a needle curvature for a safe reproducible anchor placement avoiding obturator vascular and nerve bundles. Introducers have an ergonomic design that allows for secure grasping and ease of use. The handle construction provides visual cues to aid in accurate anchor placement.


The sling material is the same as the Coloplast legacy products of Aris and Supris. The sling is 7.75cm and spans from obturator to obturator. Extending from the sides of the sling is a size 1 PP monofilament suture that is attached to the sling body. Positioning of the sling should be without tension to the urethra as the Altis sling has a low 7.5% elasticity.


Anchors are individually designed to maximize holding force and minimize tissue damage. Anchors are made from polypropylene and have flexible tines designed for secure placement into the obturator membrane complex.

Altis offers the lowest anchor profile of minislings and allows for a less forceful penetration into the obturator space. The anchor also provides optimal holding force and stability.

Tensioning Suture

The suture extending from the sling and through the dynamic anchor or the movable anchor is designed for two way adjustability. The dynamic anchors holding force and suture design prevents sling movement during the tissue in-growth period. This also avoids the need for a locking mechanism. Following the procedure, the excess suture is cut and discarded.